Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blythe Doll Carrier Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy Blythe Doll carrier you can make

What you will need.

2 x fabric 18"x 14"
1 x quilted fabric 18"x 14"
1 x knit fabric 18"x 3"
1 x knit fabric 18"x 6"
36"of ribbon 
Scissors, pins, pen and ruler.

OK so here is a pic of what you need as outlined above.  
Disregard the bias binding in the pic...I was going to use it, but then wondered why I was making more work for myself. 
 Molly is my model for the carrier as I have never made one so I used her to guess the measurements.

Cut out your fabrics to the measurements stated at the start of the tutorial. 
 I just outlined mine with the ruler (keeping it square) and cut them out ready
So we are cutting 1 piece of quilted fabric and 2 pieces of our fabric
18"by 14"
The 18" is the width.

Next I cut out my knit fabric and over locked the top edge only of each piece.  
You could even cut up an old tee shirt for this part.  
You would use the bottom of the tee shirt (the hemmed edge) as your over locked edge.

Now lay 1st your quilted fabric, then a piece of your fabric face up and then your two pieces of knit fabric right way up.
The 6 "piece goes at the top with the over locked edge facing towards the centre
 the 3"piece goes at the bottom with the over locked edge towards the centre.

Next cut a piece of ribbon 36"long and fold in half.  
Pin it to the left hand side half way down (7") and pin in place. 
 Fold the loose end of the ribbon (the end we are not sewing into the seam) over on itself in the centre of the fabric and place a pin through it so it does not get caught in your seams.

Then place your top piece of fabric face down. 
Pin around all four sides, through all the layers.

Now sew all around the edges.  
Start about 2" in from the centre down the bottom.  
Sew all the way around.  
I used the edge of my sewing machine foot as a guide
 (so the right hand edge is in line with the edge of the fabric)
  and this give me a 1/2 "seam on my machine.
Stop about 2" from the centre on the bottom . 
This gives you a 4 "opening at the bottom. 

I sewed over my ribbon a few times to reinforce it as you will be using it a lot.
Now trim your 4 corners and turn in side out.  
Poke your corners into shape (you can use a chop stick or a knitting needle).
Unpin your ribbon
Pin all around your edges - rolling them flat and into place as you go.

Now top stitch the lot.  I started at the ribbon, so I would end there. 

Again it was so I would have a bit of extra stitching at the point where it will be pulled when it is tied up.
This is also closing up your bottom gap for you. 

So now your new Blythe Doll carrier is ready to use.  The reason we have put the knit fabric top and bottom is so there is no risk of our doll slipping out of the top or bottom when she is rolled up.

So insert your dolls head in the top and feet into the bottom

Fold the side with out the ribbon towards the middle

And then fold the side with the ribbon over that.

Wrap your ribbon around and tie in a bow.

And as you can see...there is no worry of her slipping out.

Hope this was easy to understand.  It really is quick and easy to make.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help at all.

Till next time!

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  1. This is so clever! Thank you thank you for sharing. This is so to to go try making a few of my own!