Thursday, 3 January 2013

Foo Foo Threads Easy Girls No Button Hole Knot Dress

I made this little, Foo Foo Threads Easy Girls No Button Hole Knot Dress before Christmas.

  It is such an easy pattern, I'm sure I will be making more.




Little top with ruffle bum pants.  

Ruffle pants wrap around to the front for extra cuteness

The brooch can be worn on the headband or dress

Detail on front of pants

The other colour


One of my daughters friends had a baby boy. 
He has done a lot of things for me, so I made the baby these little sets to say thank you!


Little skirts I made

Till next time


  1. Hi Kerry, I just love your little rufflebum pants. Love that the ruffles go round to the front. I have looked and looked for a similar pattern with no luck. Can I ask if you are willng to share the pattern? I bought the pattern for the No Button Hole dress too and all 3 grand-daughters wore them on Christmas day - excellent pattern to make up.
    Hope you are enjoying the break you are having and got lots of smooches in with your very delightful Grand-daughter!
    G-ma Rae x

    1. Hi The pattern is Ellie Mae Designs - Too cute to boot Diaper Cover #102

      It is really hard to find. Took me ages! I you can't find it let me know and I'll keep a look out for you as I drive all over south east Qld for work. That is lovely that you made all 3 girls the dress. Would love to see a pic! I am having a lovely break thank you and I am not looking forward to work on

      Having lovely time with my Grand daughter as well - Thank you!!

  2. these are all so gorgeous and everything you sew always looks so well made!

    1. Thank you Cassie, you are very kind. My friends pay out on me because apparently I am a perfectionist. I was shocked that they would call me that. lol But yes, I unpick and redo things that other people probably wouldn't. lol Thank you again!!

  3. Everything is so cute! Did you use a pattern for the little skirts? And for the flower? It seems to have a crocheted part... Thanks!