Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tenderfeet Stitches - Bow Tie halter dress

I loved this pattern.  It is very pretty made up and very easy to make.  

I thought I would make Maddie (my grand daughter a little Christmas dress).  I don't buy a lot of fabric from Spotlight, I prefer the quilting shops, even though they are a lot more expensive, the fabric is 100 percent cotton and I am not a fan of cotton mix or poplin!  Anyway occasionally they have something I can't resist and this Xmas fabric was one of those.

And of course I think Maddie is gorgeous in it!

This is another little dress I made for Maddie.  

Absolutely love this fabric

It is the Gracie Dress by FemiKids Couture

And here is Maddie wearing her new dress with me

Till Next Time

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