Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tenderfeet Stitches - Bow Tie halter dress

I loved this pattern.  It is very pretty made up and very easy to make.  

I thought I would make Maddie (my grand daughter a little Christmas dress).  I don't buy a lot of fabric from Spotlight, I prefer the quilting shops, even though they are a lot more expensive, the fabric is 100 percent cotton and I am not a fan of cotton mix or poplin!  Anyway occasionally they have something I can't resist and this Xmas fabric was one of those.

And of course I think Maddie is gorgeous in it!

This is another little dress I made for Maddie.  

Absolutely love this fabric

It is the Gracie Dress by FemiKids Couture

And here is Maddie wearing her new dress with me

Till Next Time

Fair and Square - A Tie Dye Diva Pattern

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I haven't posted in a month.  Too much going on.
 I tried the Tie Dye Diva Pattern and loved the results.  I had bought the pattern and the  fabric ages ago.

This one has the hem band, I made the flower as a brooch so you can wear it on the dress or a headband

And this is the version without the hem band

I love the fabric for this style of dress.

Till next time