Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tie Dye Diva Fairy Tale Dress

 I think Amy is my happiest she is receiving her new Fairy tale dress
 (pattern is by Tie Dye Diva)

And I think she looks gorgeous in it.

Apparently Amy loved twirling in her dress.
But let's be honest - who doesn't love twirling in a dress.

This was Amy 11 months ago receiving her Silver Heart Creations Doll

 I have been sick for over a week, so not much sewing has been happening. And once again I am way behind.  It is so hard to find time to sew, work to support yourself and have a social life.  And lets not even mention cleaning the house and tiding the yard.

 Anyway I did paint this TV remote holder I bought from a second hand store for $5 and now it holds my scissors and it swivels as well

I have made a new outfit and sent it to a friend.  Her little girl is going to model it for me.  Yay!
So I will show it to you soon.  But here is the fabric I made it out of.  It is gorgeous!  It is called Smitten

And of course a matching headband

Finally - my headbands have arrived so I can finish all those waiting on my dining room table.
It has been 22 days so I was just thinking today they were lost.

I bought this book this week
The Vintage Tea Party

Boy, is it interesting.

Food Bunting

Yummy deserts

Delicious drinks

 And my all time favorite - Grave yard Salad.

It also has Hair Do's, Makeup 
Lots and lots of things

Well I have to go and sew now!!

Till Next Time

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