Saturday, 22 September 2012

Vintage Style Ruffled Romper - Pattern by Foo Foo Threads

Just had to show you the Vintage Style Ruffled Romper I made this week

The lovely Isobel is modeling it for me

And she looks lovely in it! She is such a cutie!

It is a halter neck with detail down the bodice

Comfortable shorts for play

And every little girl loves ruffle!

These will be showing up in our Made It store in a few weeks
I have wonderful visitors staying next week (can't wait) and then have some bags to make.
After the bags I will be doing one of a kind rompers in various sizes and fabrics.

Till next time

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tie Dye Diva Fairy Tale Dress

 I think Amy is my happiest she is receiving her new Fairy tale dress
 (pattern is by Tie Dye Diva)

And I think she looks gorgeous in it.

Apparently Amy loved twirling in her dress.
But let's be honest - who doesn't love twirling in a dress.

This was Amy 11 months ago receiving her Silver Heart Creations Doll

 I have been sick for over a week, so not much sewing has been happening. And once again I am way behind.  It is so hard to find time to sew, work to support yourself and have a social life.  And lets not even mention cleaning the house and tiding the yard.

 Anyway I did paint this TV remote holder I bought from a second hand store for $5 and now it holds my scissors and it swivels as well

I have made a new outfit and sent it to a friend.  Her little girl is going to model it for me.  Yay!
So I will show it to you soon.  But here is the fabric I made it out of.  It is gorgeous!  It is called Smitten

And of course a matching headband

Finally - my headbands have arrived so I can finish all those waiting on my dining room table.
It has been 22 days so I was just thinking today they were lost.

I bought this book this week
The Vintage Tea Party

Boy, is it interesting.

Food Bunting

Yummy deserts

Delicious drinks

 And my all time favorite - Grave yard Salad.

It also has Hair Do's, Makeup 
Lots and lots of things

Well I have to go and sew now!!

Till Next Time

Friday, 14 September 2012

Hobo bag and other things

I have been making a Hobo bag for my Mummy and Me giveaway.  
 I have been tweaking the pattern as I go - I made it so it is not perfect.
It all started because my daughter wanted a leopard print bag made.
 I have already drawn up another pattern as this one is not quite what she wanted 
but I think it is lovely so I am still going to use it as my giveaway. 

This is one side of the little girls Hobo bag.  Elegant for going out with Mummy.

And the reverse side is fun with Barbie on it

Here is the Mummy one as well as the little one.

Mummy bag reverse side has a fun pink flower.

Mummy necklace

 And little necklace

I will be posting info about this give away soon


Meanwhile, as I am the queen of doing a thousand things at once instead of concentrating on one thing 
I have been searching for patterns to make myself a dress. 
I have bought 3 patterns, but also bought this awesome book. 
 Two of the patterns I bought are Serendipity as well.

And I love the vintage little girl dresses in the other book

I have these headbands on the go as well at the moment and
 do little bits and pieces on them every now and them.

 This one was to go with an order for a dress, for a one year old girls birthday

 Little Ruffle dress.  I love these - they always look cute.

That is all for now, I have not been well this week so not much sewing going on at the moment.

Till next time!