Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Little Dresses

Before I left for Melbourne I cleaned the sewing room (constantly have to do this as I make such a mess being creative, lol)  So far I have managed to sew 2.  

I am finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things at the moment.  But I'm sure it will get there. 

This one is a size 4

And this one is a size 3

 Angus ( the youngest dog is still super clingy and waking me about 8 times a night, so I am very tired so can't do my usual - stay up till 12am sewing.   Spinner is 17 and even he won't leave my side.  I think they think I am going to go again.  Angus cried when I went out to put the garbage in the bin.

So my size labels arrived while I was away.  So I bought this book box for $4

 Put some plastic inside and now it holds all the labels.  I thought it was prettier than another plastic container

And I love how they look with my new Silver Heart Creation labels

Oh and all my headbands sold (thank you Kylie!!)  So I will be making more soon.

Till next time!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Melbourne Trip

I haven't posted as I have been in Melbourne for 18 days.  The first 9 days was for work.

We had to work the gift fair.  We stayed at Docklands and this shot is from our apartment on the 22nd floor.

 The Gift Fair is huge and it is a lot of work to set up.  Here is some of the team at work

A look at an area finished, you get the idea.

After that it was off to see my new Grand daughter Madeleine, my son Chris and my daughter in law Kylie

This is all of us 

 3 Generations

 Beautiful Maddie and Mummy

 Chris and Kylie are amazing new parents, they are very calm, well informed and relaxed.  And they handled every situation like they had been parents for ever.  So proud of both of them!

 Chris is a primary school teacher, so when he comes home he bonds with little Maddie and gives her a bath

Then he cooks an awesome stir fry for dinner.  Chris had just got a new cook book on stir fry's and it could not have arrive at a better time as I was treated to great meals every night.  

So I got to catch up with friends while I stayed there, which was lovely.  And when I was at home I was lucky enough to be able to sew.  Kylie borrowed a sewing machine off her Aunty Susan.  It was a basic Brother and boy did it sew well.  I have always used Janome sewing machines and was pleasantly surprised by this machine.

So I set myself up in the dinning room 

And was able to catch a few movies also

I made Kylie these two adult size ruffle pants

And I did this ABC wall hanging for Maddie's room.

It was my first attempt at quilting so I very happy with how it turned out.

And here is little Miss laying on it next to the letter M.  M is for Madeleine! 

Oh and I made her a matching headband with the left over fabric

Had to show you how cute Maddie is in her little hat

 And here she is just looking gorgeous!  She has become so much more alert in just 3weeks.  I see her again in 4 weeks so it will be a big surprise to see what she is up to by then.

Matty picked me up from the airport and I got to have a quick visit with him and Danique and my other grandchild (lol) Sig the bird, who was busy eating almonds from his own stash

Poor Angus is super clingy now I am home.  He thinks I am going to go again.  This is him looking sad because I am telling him to stay so I can take a photo and he wants to be beside me.

Spinner is 17 years old and thinks he is 7.  He is bouncing around and very happy I am home.   He and Angus love to play fight.

Till next time!