Thursday, 12 July 2012

No sewing happening! I have hurt my foot.

 So I got through the Gift Fair I was working but my foot is really sore.  The back of my heel tendons are swollen and it hurts to walk, sit and lay down.

  I think its because I usually soak my feet every night but the second last night I didn't have time to as my scanner lost my orders for the day and it took me till 11.30 to key them back in.  But I won't not soak them ever again, because I am paying for it now.

  So I have had yesterday and today off work and just laid in bed.  Which is actually really hard for me to do.  It's still sore but I will go to work tomorrow.

   I was dressed to go this morning but just walking around to get ready made it ache too much and it is the foot I use to drive so I thought it best to rest it again.

  I have another Gift Fair in 3 weeks and I need it to be completely healed by then.  It is also the foot I sew with - so I won't be sewing this weekend unless I can manage with my left foot.

So here is the Dress and Handbag that Courtney (from Bluebird Vintage) and I are donating to Collaborate for a Cause on Facebook.
Our cause is Raising Hope for Brittany.

Please have a look, it is on the 27th to the 29th of July

I made this cute little headband for Maddie

And here are some more photos of the beautiful little Madeleine with her Mummy and Daddy.  She is at home now and I look forward to meeting her, not this weekend but next.

Till next time

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  1. I fairly recently changed the foot I used to machine - more because some places I sew it was more convenient. It didn't take that much getting used to