Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Little Doll

I'm working on a little doll for Maddie at the moment.  I have wanted to make a pattern for a simpler smaller doll for ages and did so on Sunday.

 Last night I got home late as I had to go to Hervey Bay for work (4 hrs away).

So I was trying to multi task to save time.  I'm sitting there eating dinner, and throwing the ball down the hall for Angus.  And I threw the ball at a stupid angle, it bounced of the wall, on to the table and knocked my cup of tea all over my pattern and cut out and embroidered doll.   So much for saving

So I am a little behind now, but on the upside this doll is much quicker to make than my others.  I don't know if I will get to do any sewing tonight.  I have to clean the house and pack as I have to be at the airport straight after work tomorrow.

But I am very excited to be going to Melbourne to see Chris, Kylie and Madeleine.

Till next time

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