Saturday, 14 July 2012

Life, Sewing and Animals

I think this is my latest favorite photo of my new grand daughter Maddie - she is such a cutie!

So I have hurt my foot and I did a day at work Friday and it was throbbing heaps by the time I got home.  So lots of painkillers and hand sewing in bed and this little Gingermelon was made.  I think she turned out lovely.

Tanya picked me up this morning and we went to breakfast and the Mummy Tree Markets.  I could not resist this for little Miss Maddie.  I got a size 3-4 so she will be running around and wanting to dress up 

 This photo cracks me up.  Tanya is a cat person (no time for dogs) and I am a dog person (no time for cats)  and Angus loves Tanya.  Here he is curled up behind her happy as Larry having a nap.  Tanya - not so happy. lol

 Danique and Matty have a Kookaburra who comes to visit.  We think maybe the previous house owners use to feed him.  He is a good looking bird and Danique can walk right up to him and he does not fly away

Sig is obsessed with Danique's new hat.  He loves to cuddle up in it.  

I am off to make Dainque a pair of adult size ruffle pants, so I will post the pics tomorrow!

Till next time

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