Sunday, 1 July 2012

Painting and sewing

 So it has been a very busy weekend, Matty and I prepped the walls Friday night.  Saturday we went for an early Breakfast to try a new cafe near Matty and Danique's new home, and then we were straight into painting.  A friend dropped over, it was his birthday and this was the only time I could catch up with him in the next three weeks.  So morning tea was Birthday cake and Sig (the bird) was very interested in what Danique had in her hand.
 Sig spent most of the day flying from one person to the next, here he is hanging with Matty
I went home and sewed till 1am and made this little top.  There is a ruffled diaper cover to go with it.  It is cut out I just need to sew it.  I know I said I was making Pinnies next, but I went to the Spotlight store in my lunch break on Friday and bought lots of gorgeous check fabrics, and I knew this one would lovely with the floral, so I had to make it .  I am easily distracted when it comes to sewing,  and I want to take these to Melbourne with me when the baby (1st Grandchild, a little girl) comes.  It isn't long now, she is due on the 9th of July.  I have another one cut out ready to make also.  Well I have to go and paint some more today.

Till next time

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