Monday, 16 July 2012

Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pants for my daughter

 So I had a request for Ruffle Pants from Danique.  I found the Bettsy Kingston pattern and then got her to choose fabrics from the vast collection in the sewing room. And she choose one of my favorites and it looks great all together.
  I hand pleated the ruffles so they sat flatter
 So as you can see they are a little puffy at the front as they are not made with stretch but cotton
 (as per pattern)
But even so - they look fabulous I think!!

So I am off to see The Tea Party concert tomorrow night, so I won't be sewing until Wednesday night. 

I have started a little doll for Maddie.  I am making the pattern as I do it.  I want a simpler doll I can make quicker than the ones that take me 16 hours to make now.  So hopefully I will have pics of it after Wednesday night.

Till next time

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