Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Painting and Sewing, Part 2

 Meet Angus.  He usually hangs out in the sewing room when I am sewing.  If he is not shoving a ball at you to be thrown, he is in his little bed beside me.  How do I know it was cold last night while I was sewing...there was no Angus to be seen, he was in my bed under the blankets. lol   

 So here is the Danique and Matty's house after the painting on the week end. It is looking great.  It is a very exciting time for my children.  Danique and Matty have moved into their own home.  Kylie had her birthday on Monday and Chris and Kylie's first child is due next Monday.  And Matty's birthday is on the 26th.
So 2012 is a big year!

And here is last nights sewing.  I love this fabric, I have it in teal as well.  So it is a little top and hopefully I will get the little ruffle pants done over the next couple of nights.  I have to really make an effort to do some house work instead of sewing. lol  I know which one I'd rather do but unfortunately some things are necessary.  I think I am going to do a little something for the front of the top in the pink that will be on the ruffle of the pants. 

Till next time

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