Sunday, 29 July 2012

Headbands and Boudoir Photos

My daughter Danique did a Boudoir photo shoot for her partners birthday present and they are fantastic

So if you are looking for a photographer or want to do that something special for your partner here is the link to Stephanie Bowers Photography  -

 I have been really busy with work and trying to catch up with friends before I go to Melbourne this week.
So I have not had time to sew really.

I have made a pile of headbands to mail to Melbourne. Very time consuming, listened to 6 movies whilst hand sewing them.  Can't say I watched them because my head was always

And here is our favorite little girl Miss Maddie modeling a Silver Heart Creations headband.

How gorgeous is she!!

Till next time

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So I finally met little Maddie and I finished her doll

Well a lot has happened, I finished the little doll in Melbourne.
I think she is quite cute, she has safety eyes and felt hair if she gets chewed on.

So here is little Miss Madeline, looking like a little angel!

And here I am, so happy to finally hold her.  She is just perfect!!  
I can't believe how much of a Nana I am  I bought 3 Sewing Costumes books on Friday to put away for when she is older.

Here she is modeling one of the little headbands I made her

So I was there for Chris and Kylie's first outing to the shopping center with baby Madeleine
We had some great Sushi for lunch and bought some teas from T2

This is all of us .  My grand daughter Madeleine, me, my son Chris and my daughter in law Kylie


And me and little one

 This is Maddie modeling a little pinnie I made for her in Newborn size.  It is way too big for her , but she will grow into it.  I of course think she looks adorable

 Ready for her big trip out to Brighton for a seafood lunch

 Chris and I with little Maddie

Meanwhile back at home in Brisbane, Danique (my daughter)
has found a new thing to do on Monday nights

She has started Circus training.  How much fun does it look?

She is loving it!

 Good old Sig has been stealing weet bix

 I had dinner tonight with Danique and Matty.  It is Matty's birthday on Thursday - but he will be away, so we caught up tonight.  They have decided Sig can be my other grand

So I have not much time to sew at the moment as I go away for 18 days next Wednesday to Melbourne.  But I am hoping to sew a new little dress on the week end.

I will keep you posted.

Till next time

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Little Doll

I'm working on a little doll for Maddie at the moment.  I have wanted to make a pattern for a simpler smaller doll for ages and did so on Sunday.

 Last night I got home late as I had to go to Hervey Bay for work (4 hrs away).

So I was trying to multi task to save time.  I'm sitting there eating dinner, and throwing the ball down the hall for Angus.  And I threw the ball at a stupid angle, it bounced of the wall, on to the table and knocked my cup of tea all over my pattern and cut out and embroidered doll.   So much for saving

So I am a little behind now, but on the upside this doll is much quicker to make than my others.  I don't know if I will get to do any sewing tonight.  I have to clean the house and pack as I have to be at the airport straight after work tomorrow.

But I am very excited to be going to Melbourne to see Chris, Kylie and Madeleine.

Till next time

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pants for my daughter

 So I had a request for Ruffle Pants from Danique.  I found the Bettsy Kingston pattern and then got her to choose fabrics from the vast collection in the sewing room. And she choose one of my favorites and it looks great all together.
  I hand pleated the ruffles so they sat flatter
 So as you can see they are a little puffy at the front as they are not made with stretch but cotton
 (as per pattern)
But even so - they look fabulous I think!!

So I am off to see The Tea Party concert tomorrow night, so I won't be sewing until Wednesday night. 

I have started a little doll for Maddie.  I am making the pattern as I do it.  I want a simpler doll I can make quicker than the ones that take me 16 hours to make now.  So hopefully I will have pics of it after Wednesday night.

Till next time

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Life, Sewing and Animals

I think this is my latest favorite photo of my new grand daughter Maddie - she is such a cutie!

So I have hurt my foot and I did a day at work Friday and it was throbbing heaps by the time I got home.  So lots of painkillers and hand sewing in bed and this little Gingermelon was made.  I think she turned out lovely.

Tanya picked me up this morning and we went to breakfast and the Mummy Tree Markets.  I could not resist this for little Miss Maddie.  I got a size 3-4 so she will be running around and wanting to dress up 

 This photo cracks me up.  Tanya is a cat person (no time for dogs) and I am a dog person (no time for cats)  and Angus loves Tanya.  Here he is curled up behind her happy as Larry having a nap.  Tanya - not so happy. lol

 Danique and Matty have a Kookaburra who comes to visit.  We think maybe the previous house owners use to feed him.  He is a good looking bird and Danique can walk right up to him and he does not fly away

Sig is obsessed with Danique's new hat.  He loves to cuddle up in it.  

I am off to make Dainque a pair of adult size ruffle pants, so I will post the pics tomorrow!

Till next time

Thursday, 12 July 2012

No sewing happening! I have hurt my foot.

 So I got through the Gift Fair I was working but my foot is really sore.  The back of my heel tendons are swollen and it hurts to walk, sit and lay down.

  I think its because I usually soak my feet every night but the second last night I didn't have time to as my scanner lost my orders for the day and it took me till 11.30 to key them back in.  But I won't not soak them ever again, because I am paying for it now.

  So I have had yesterday and today off work and just laid in bed.  Which is actually really hard for me to do.  It's still sore but I will go to work tomorrow.

   I was dressed to go this morning but just walking around to get ready made it ache too much and it is the foot I use to drive so I thought it best to rest it again.

  I have another Gift Fair in 3 weeks and I need it to be completely healed by then.  It is also the foot I sew with - so I won't be sewing this weekend unless I can manage with my left foot.

So here is the Dress and Handbag that Courtney (from Bluebird Vintage) and I are donating to Collaborate for a Cause on Facebook.
Our cause is Raising Hope for Brittany.

Please have a look, it is on the 27th to the 29th of July

I made this cute little headband for Maddie

And here are some more photos of the beautiful little Madeleine with her Mummy and Daddy.  She is at home now and I look forward to meeting her, not this weekend but next.

Till next time

Sunday, 8 July 2012

New addition to our family!!

Very exciting day yesterday - my new little grand daughter came into the world.

She is so adorable

 And is surrounded by so much love 
I can't wait to fly to Melbourne to meet her on the week end.

Till next time

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Little Ruffle Pants and Top

I finished this little outfit last night, stayed up till 12.40 and I will feel it today after working till 6.30pm. lol

 I went through and wrote down everything I need to get made for people and I need to be sewing.

 I have too much time away from the house where I cannot sew coming up.  And a lot of requests for outfits.

Oh and I bought a really cool pattern to make my daughter Danique an adult  pair of ruffle pants so I want to do that as well.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sewing Room - where it all happens

I'm working 12 days straight at the moment.  And they are long days so no sewing going on. So I thought I would show you where all the sewing takes place.  Some of these photos are from when I first made the cutting table, so it is a lot more crowded with stuff now. I think people who sew can not help buying fabric for that next project when they haven't finished the last one.

 I am lucky enough to have 3 machines, the first one I do most sewing on, second one usually is set up with cream cotton (when I am doing dolls, it is easier to jump between machines), the next has a ruffler foot on it (the foot is new and I am yet to master it) and then it's my over locker. 
 The cutting table is a door, put on top of high shelves - so you don't have to bend over.  Also this gave me lots of storage room.  Though all the shelves are filled up now and I am searching for more
 As you can see these shelves are a lot fuller now,  I use trays to put my sewing in.  There is one on the table. I have 8 of these and it is great when you have a few things cut out.  
 This is the end of the cutting table
 And under the table.  It is all full now.
 Nice big cupboard for more storage
 Cottons and containers of embellishments
 More fabric shelves, the drawers house all my laces, bias binding, velcro, elastic,and heaps  of other things
 Ironing board and little board for dolls clothes. These shelves are overflowing, there is even fabric under the ironing board
These are the decals on the wall above the ironing board
 Sign on the sewing room door
And my new labels arrived today, Yay!

Till next time