Thursday, 21 June 2012

Gingermelon Dolls in the making - Part 1

I thought I would share how I make the little Gingermelon Dolls.  

 I use wool felt that I buy off Etsy. It is much better than the felt you get here in Australia.  

So cut out the required pieces.  Now for the sewing. It is all done in blanket stitch.  

 As you can see from my photo, after I have sewn around each part, I then stuff them and sew up the gap.

  Then I leave the thread attached to use to join the doll together. 

 I embroider the face, put the eyes on - then do the eye lashes. 

Next I will sew up the head. So first of course you have to do the V at the top of the head, this part is just whip stitch.

 Then when you sew the actual head,  the pattern says to make the gap, for stuffing at the bottom (chin area).

 I find leaving the gap at the top of the head much better.  It is covered with hair so no one sees it.  
Down at the is hard to sew and have it look perfect. 

 So I will post another photo after tomorrow nights sewing...I have to go to bed now ready for work tomorrow. 

Till next time

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