Saturday, 9 June 2012

Collaborate for a Cause

It is a long weekend here is sunny Queensland.  I went out for dinner last night at Stockholm Syndrome and then came home and spent the night trying to figure out which dress I would make with the fabrics above (it is really a hard decision). 

I am making a dress for a Face Book promotion called Collaborate for a Cause.  You make something with another Facebook Page, sell the items and then donate the profits to your favorite cause.  I am going to donate to Kiva.  I love it.  You can pick where your money is going and it is repaid to you and then you give it to someone else to use.  Have a look at the site.  It is great.  Anyway, that is why it is a hard decision, you want the dress to make money for the cause so it has to be

So now I am off (after having a lovely sleep in) to do all things girly.  Nails, brunch and shopping.  But will hopefully have something to show you latter tonight.

Till next time 

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