Thursday, 28 June 2012

So little time for sewing in the next month

Wow it has just occurred to me how little time I will have for sewing in the next month.   This weekend I am helping my daughter and her partner paint their house they shifted into last weekend. 

The following weekend I have to work (trade fair time) so I will be doing 12 days straight.  And they are long, full on days, so I will be very tired.

Then the next weekend if all goes according to plan I will be flying to Melbourne to meet my new Grand Daughter!!  So Excited!!

So I think I will not pressure my self too much and just work on some little pinnies as they are nice and quick to make compared to everything else I do.

Monday, 25 June 2012

The other little Gingermelon doll finished

Here is the other little Gingermelon finished at last.

Till next time

Gingermelon Dolls in the making - Part 2

So here are the little dolls with all their body parts joined with the threads that I left hanging after stuffing each part      
 Next I give them hair, on these dolls white is my favorite, on my larger dolls Red is.
 Then it is time to dress them.  They kinda take on their little personality when you dress them.  So it is fun to decide just what they are going to wear.  I usually do a felt bodice with a little skirt attached as I think this looks sweet.
 So now after hand sewing the dress, she just needs her shoes and hair done.  I attach her hair to her scalp at the back and to the sides of her little face so it sits better
And here she is all finished.  I brush powdered blush on her cheeks with an eye shadow blush for a bit of colour.  Hope you like her!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Gingermelon Dolls in the making - Part 1

I thought I would share how I make the little Gingermelon Dolls.  

 I use wool felt that I buy off Etsy. It is much better than the felt you get here in Australia.  

So cut out the required pieces.  Now for the sewing. It is all done in blanket stitch.  

 As you can see from my photo, after I have sewn around each part, I then stuff them and sew up the gap.

  Then I leave the thread attached to use to join the doll together. 

 I embroider the face, put the eyes on - then do the eye lashes. 

Next I will sew up the head. So first of course you have to do the V at the top of the head, this part is just whip stitch.

 Then when you sew the actual head,  the pattern says to make the gap, for stuffing at the bottom (chin area).

 I find leaving the gap at the top of the head much better.  It is covered with hair so no one sees it.  
Down at the is hard to sew and have it look perfect. 

 So I will post another photo after tomorrow nights sewing...I have to go to bed now ready for work tomorrow. 

Till next time

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Gingermelon Dolls

I'm working on a little Gingermelon doll at the moment.  I don't feel well and it is all hand sewn, so I am not having to sit at the sewing machine.  So I thought I would show some of the others I have made.  The one in the purple dress was the very first I made.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tie Dye Diva - Butterfly Dress Pattern

So here is the little dress I have finally finished in size 2.  I love this pattern by Tie Dye Diva.
  I think it is very sweet for a little girl.  I have another 3 cut out ready to sew, they are all different combinations of the fabrics as I don't do any two dresses the same.

Also I have come up with this easy idea for my sewing.  As I work full time I sew in the evening and on weekends when time permits.  So I am always having to stop / start as such.  And with different pieces for different dresses it can get confusing.  So now I put each dress into a tray, and the best part is they stack next to my sewing machine.  I tried using plastic bags for my dolls but they slip every where.

Till next time

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Butterfly Dress by Tie Dye Diva

This is what I will start working on tonight (off to work today). 
I think this is a lovely dress, pattern Butterfly Dress by Tie Dye Diva.
The fabric is called Jungle Bungle.  The pink fabric will be the main body of the dress with the others as the bodice, sleeves and frills.  I have also one cut out with black fabric with a small polka dots as the accents which I thought would look nice. 

Till next time

Monday, 11 June 2012

Dress Finished

Well I finished my dress for Collaborate for a cause on Face Book.  I love it.  
So I thought I would tell you how I modified the Scientific Seamstress pattern to make it. 
 The bodice is square shaped on the pattern so I rounded it off to make it more of a sweetheart shape (just because I thought it would be prettier).

I doubled the ruffle sleeves, so with the bottom one I added about an inch to the middle of the pattern, so as to give about a half an inch poking out.

Then I made a long skirt, added a frill and a ruffle ( again just to make it prettier)

Oh and it can be worn with a shirt underneath

So hopefully some little girl will feel like a Princess in it!

Till next time

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dress for Collaborate for a Cause.

I wasted last night looking for a pattern for a dress to make for Collaborate for a Cause.  I guess I had something in mind and just couldn't find what I wanted, though I did buy some nice new patterns.  So I am trying to make what I have in mind by modifying the pattern I got from the Scientific Seamstress.   I wish I had bought this one first instead of last as it has so many variations you can use.  It is a great pattern if you want a lot of options!   So here is the bodice so far.

Till next time

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Collaborate for a Cause

It is a long weekend here is sunny Queensland.  I went out for dinner last night at Stockholm Syndrome and then came home and spent the night trying to figure out which dress I would make with the fabrics above (it is really a hard decision). 

I am making a dress for a Face Book promotion called Collaborate for a Cause.  You make something with another Facebook Page, sell the items and then donate the profits to your favorite cause.  I am going to donate to Kiva.  I love it.  You can pick where your money is going and it is repaid to you and then you give it to someone else to use.  Have a look at the site.  It is great.  Anyway, that is why it is a hard decision, you want the dress to make money for the cause so it has to be

So now I am off (after having a lovely sleep in) to do all things girly.  Nails, brunch and shopping.  But will hopefully have something to show you latter tonight.

Till next time 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hayden dress finished

Little dress finished.  I love this fabric with the blue.  It is pictured below with pink frills and both colours work really well.  I made a little head band as well.  I'm going to be working on a little Gingermelon doll and some little size 2 dresses next.  But now its off to bed ready for work tomorrow.

Till next time

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sew Sweet Hayden Dress

I have been sick lately so I am really behind with my sewing.  But I am trying to do a bit this week and we have a 3 day weekend this weekend so that will help. 

I am working on a little dress from Sew Sweet patterns called Hayden.  I love this pattern and this is the 6th little dress I have made using it.  

I just think it is very sweet.  And you can put a little tee shirt or skivvy under it if it is cooler.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bit of Whimsy pattern dolls

Some of the dolls I have made with Bit of Whimsy Patterns

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Baby Tutu's Size 0 to 12 months

I made the top Tutu for baby grand daughter to wear for photos.
It is much nicer in real life as I couldn't get it to photograph well.
The colours look all wrong.  
The other 3 are available in my Made It shop. They are great for photos!

First post - How exciting!! Baby Bunting

Well I have been sick for the past two weeks so no sewing has been happening but I thought I would share the beautiful bunting I made for my new grand daughters room (she is due on July the 9th).   It is 5.94 meters long and each gingham piece is embellished.  In between each piece of bunting  is a white rose bud with a little string of pearls and a crystal tear drop bead at the end hanging down.